• CR
  • 51100Km² (19,725Mi²)
  • 4,075,261
  • 2.52%
  • 80/Km² (207/Mi²)
  • 9%
  • 30%
  • 61%

My Choice Naturally

Costa Rica

Painted with giant trees, fascinating coves, and silky beaches, Bahia Drake embodies the definition of a tropical paradise.  Miles of dense forest leading to the endless sea offer a plethora of outdoor adventures from kayaking to horseback riding among the exotic wildlife that can be found lurking throughout the bay.  With such striking features, Bahia Drake, Costa Rica is an unimaginable site where you are generously greeted by the warm sun and friendly smiles.  This secluded heaven is an unmatchable destination filled with exciting thrills where nature lovers and tourists who need to unwind can enjoy the picturesque backdrops of the perfect combinations of land and sea.

Named after the explorer Sir Francis Drake, Bahia Drake is located on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. It is comprised of two small towns, Agujitas and Drake and populated by approximately 300 people.  Home to many of Costa Rica’s exotic species, through the thick jungles you will hear the busy sounds of wild monkeys, frogs, and birds.  Tourists from all over the world come to the Corvacado National Park to explore the beauties of the exquisite wildlife in their natural habitats.  They also enjoy scuba diving at Isla de Cano (Cano Island), a nearby island that houses a variety of tropical trees and animals. The ocean also invites you on a Finding Nemo adventure by snorkeling amongst the bright colored fish and sea turtles. In addition, it provides 3D sightings of dolphins and whales and a great habitat for catching yellowfin tuna, mackerel, roosterfish, and sailfish.

Offering lavish sceneries of the beautiful wild flowers, vast trees and serene atmospheres, the quaint restaurants provide a majestic gastronomical experience.  Feast your senses on freshly caught shrimp, an assortment of fish and meats flavored with local spices, baked breads, and tropical fruits.  Chefs are masters at preparing Costa Rican specialties and cuisines influenced by their international audiences.  The menus overflow with delectable feasts and appetizing treats that will satisfy any food critic.

Bahia Drake experiences a tropical climate.  Temperatures typically stay the same throughout the entire year.  During the day the temperature fluctuates between the high 80s and low 90s.  At night, the temperature decreases to the high 70s.

Bahia Drake’s small airstrip welcomes flights from San Jose.  Trekking through the small dirt roads by car, you can head from Agujitas to Rincon, which leads to Puerto Jimenez (south) and Interamericana (north).  Boat rides are also available to reach Bahia Drake and other nearby Costa Rican locations.  However, its pleasant weather, natural beauty and mysterious creatures are best explored when hiking through the vast trees and walking on the sandy beaches.