Cancun, a destination that already provides visitors with endless entertainment options, has just added yet another notable attraction.

Soon visitors to the popular destination will be able to have dinner in the sky, quite literally.


Riviera Maya News has reported that the company Dinner in the Sky has been given the green light by local officials to create a dinner booth suspended in the air by a crane.

The experience provides sky-high views combined with dinner and drinks. The exact location for the new attraction has not yet been settled upon.

The company has said it is considering setting up next to the wheel in Plaza La Isla or at the scenic tower of Grupo Experiencias Xcaret located next to Calinda Bridge, Riviera Maya News reported.

The dining experience is able to accommodate as many as 22 people who will be suspended 45 meters, or 148 ft, in the air. And for those who are worried, each seat includes a safety harness.

In addition to the restaurant, the project will involve bathrooms, warehouses and a parking lot, all of which will require an approximately 4 million peso investment.

One of the partners in the company, Joan Cordoves, said Dinner in the Sky has been operating for more than 10 years and has locations in 120 cities across nearly 40 countries.