Atelier de Hoteles is using its own personal touch to put the guest experience over the top.

The Mexican hotel company believes strongly in handcrafted hospitality as a way to not only enhance travelers' stay but to set itself apart from the competition.

"What that means is adding a personal touch to everything we do: in the rooms, in housekeeping, in food and beverage, everything has to have a personal touch," Atelier de Hoteles CEO, Oliver Reinhart told TravelPulse earlier this year.


One of the ways it succeeds in this is through art, combining the unique culture and the essence of contemporary Mexican art with luxury amenities and services to produce a one-of-a-kind experience.

Atelier de Hoteles even works with a renowned Mexican designer who utilizes materials made by local artisans to craft some of its employee uniforms.

The innovative brand also lives by addictive service with the aim to transcend the traditional guest experience by surprising guests, creating a personal moment or moments for each individual that makes them want to come back.

To put it simply, Atelier de Hoteles is looking to create a lifestyle experience.

At the Oleo Cancun Playa, for example, guests will discover a simple design that allows the local culture to take center stage through the work of new and experimental Mexican artists.

The all-inclusive, five-star resort is also content to let the gorgeous locale do the wowing by offering stunning sea, lagoon and sunset views.