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  • 1972550Km² (761,404Mi²)
  • 107,449,525
  • 0.47%
  • 55/Km² (141/Mi²)
  • 4%
  • 26%
  • 70%

Live It To Believe It


Completely immersed in beauty, Loreto is the true definition of a Mexican paradise, enticing drifters with its luxurious combinations of land and sea.  Come explore the narrow streets dotted with colonial architecture, which do little to hide the backdrops of majestic cliffs.  With the Sea of Cortes reflecting the brilliant rays of the golden sun, the city sparkles with a natural glow, blessing everyone with pleasant weather and the most shimmering sights. The emblematic spots reflect the city’s heritage with legends and exhibitions; while the ocean bed is an aquatic show, displaying the fascinating behaviors of Mexico’s exotic marine animals.  The exquisiteness of Loreto, Mexico will take your breath away, and it invites you to take full advantage of its natural playground.

An old city with a young heart, Loreto is one of the first established destinations in Mexico.  It was once the capital of Baja Sur California Peninsula; however, it remains the seat of the municipality of Loreto.  The city also consists of a group of offshore islands: Del Carmen, Montserrat, Santa Catalina, Coronado, and Danzante.  Each island is remarkably beautiful, offering 3D diving adventures.

Loreto’s attractions conceal secrets left from its Jesuits founders, while revealing evidence of how the city’s settlement came to be.  Take a tour in Loreto’s mystical caves, historically decorated with paintings and carvings, which depict the city’s early civilization. Take a walk on the wild side and become one with nature by camping as well as hiking in Loreto’s unspoiled sceneries.  Built in the 1700s, The Mission of Our Lady is an ancient baroque-style sanctuary boasting a décor of oil paintings, altarpiece and an image of the Virgin of Our Lady of Loreto.  The Sea of Cortes brings to life electrifying thrills from for all adventure seekers to enjoy.  From kayaking to fishing and whale watching, the ocean is a gateway to a whirlwind of aquatic voyages.

From outdoor stalls to boutiques, Loreto is a shopper’s haven.  The shopping areas proudly showcase the skilful handicrafts of the city’s inhabitants.  Everything from Spanish knickknacks to vibrant clothing and jewelry are within arm’s reach and specifically made for your pleasure.  After a long day of sightseeing, follow your nose to taste some of Mexico’s finest culinary temptations.  Aromas from freshly caught seafood, Mexican delicacies and many other specialties overflow in the local restaurants.  So bring your appetite and feast your senses on imaginative dinners, drenched with exotic flavors.

Loreto experiences a hot desert climate.   From June to October (warm season) the weather averages from a daily high in the low-90s to a low in the 80s. During the months of November to March (cold season) the temperature maintains an everyday high within the 70s and a low in the high-50s.

Loreto International Airport is the city’s main door to many other destinations around the world.  There are several ways to navigate throughout the city’s landscape.  Boats offer a scenic journey to visit the city’s desert islands.  Vans and taxis service transportation to various sites.  Loreto’s surroundings can also be explored via bicycle as well as horseback ride.  However, the city is small enough to be discovered by foot through its numerous provisions of hiking tours.