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  • 55/Km² (141/Mi²)
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Live It To Believe It


Huatulco in Mexico is just as beautiful as it is harmonious.  Leave your footprints in the sand as the splash of the ocean lures you into its azure depths, listen to the soothing sounds of exotic birds fill the atmosphere with their melodious chirping, and delve into the archeological gems buried with fascinating legends which conceal their fate.  Huatulco, Mexico is where magic comes to life, a resort that will completely take your breath away by simply wandering through its narrow lanes.  As one of Mexico’s loveliest attractions, there is no reason for missing out on the ecological splendor lapped around this paradise. 

Overlooking the Sierra Madre Mountains and nestled in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, Huatulco is where the rugged and unspoiled rub shoulders to create the perfect tropical oasis.  Derived from a history brought to life by Indian settlers, Huatulco blossomed as a Spanish area when Aztec and Mixtec merchants saw potential in the importance of trade.  Now, what exists is an aquatic playground and tourist magnet infused by the powerful fragrances of coffee flowing from its nearby coffee plantations. 

With nine unique bays including the impressive Santa Cruz, and 36 beaches perfectly painted throughout the area, Huatulco is worth every bit of discovery.  Get up close to the wildlife preserved in the Chacahua National Park; marvel at the past in the Bocana Del Rio Copalita complex and museum as well as the Punta Celeste, where history is brought to life through archeological findings; also, nourish your memories with authentic souvenirs from the trendy shops of La Crucecita. 

As the sun fades behind the Pacific Ocean, this quiet haven transforms into a pulsating hotspot.  Local bars will happily greet you with your favorite drink, while live shows will proudly showcase Huatulco’s cultural side with performances of local music and the Guelaguetza dance. 

The nightlife of Huatulco also combines cuisine with adventure.  From tropical fruits like mamey and delicious desserts to an exquisite dining experience, the gastronomy of Huatulco will tantalize the senses.   Sink your teeth into fresh seafood and fish cooked in rich local ingredients in addition to traditional Mexican dishes such as the Mole, enchiladas, tasajo (lean cut of beef), as well as beans, avocado, and cheese wrapped in a crunchy tortilla.  For the daring food connoisseur, alligator and iguana meat are also among the choices of culinary specialties.

The weather of Huatulco is characterized as a tropical savanna climate. The temperatures are typically warm year-round with April to May averaging highs around 90°F and lows about 75°F.  During August to October the temperature ranges slightly above 85°F and decreases to lows around 70°F at night.

Huatulco is serviced by Huatulco International Airport (HUX).   Car rental is available but may seem unnecessary since taxis are inexpensive and plentiful.  However, tourists should agree upon a price before venturing on their journeys and tipping drivers is suggested but not mandatory.