• MX
  • 1972550Km² (761,404Mi²)
  • 107,449,525
  • 0.47%
  • 55/Km² (141/Mi²)
  • 4%
  • 26%
  • 70%

Live It To Believe It


Jacques Cousteau is credited with introducing Cozumel to the world as a premier dive site in 1961 when he filmed a documentary on its stupendous coral reefs. Since then, this largest of Mexico’s islands located in the Caribbean, has grown into a leading dive and vacation destination. One hundred dive sites have been identified within three miles of the island and at least a dozen are also shallow enough for snorkeling. Add to these attractions, unspoiled beaches and a host of other water sports, deep sea fishing, kayaking and more.

Beyond the water are the Chankanaab National Park and the Punta Sur Ecological Reserve. Though not nearly as impressive as the mainland’s pre-Hispanic ruins of Chichen Itza or Tulum, Cozumel has its own ruins with more than 40 sites. San Miguel de Cozumel, the only town, has a laid-back Caribbean atmosphere and one of Mexico’s most important international cruise docks.