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Punta Cana

Sitting on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is a sun-soaked coastal town consisting almost solely of beaches, resorts and tourist amenities.  The ultimate beach getaway, Punta Cana was made for vacationers seeking rest and relaxation with a beautiful Caribbean atmosphere and a laid-back attitude.  A trip to these silky-white beaches practically comes with a no-rain guarantee, as it’s a sun-worshipers tropical heaven. 

If basking in the warm glow of the sun with a frozen drink in hand all day is not your thing, don’t worry -- Punta Cana has a variety of other activities and state-of-the-art attractions for everyone.  Here, impressive golf courses are almost as well known as the beaches.  The Bavaro and La Cana Golf Courses are two of the best in the Caribbean.  Along with snorkeling and other water sports, guests can ride horses down the beach at sunset, or test their luck at the Punta Cana Casino.  If adventure is more appealing, 4x4s are available to rent and trek through the hidden caves, mangroves and private beaches that are scattered throughout the area.

The flavors of the Caribbean can be found infused throughout the cuisine of the Dominican Republic. Though there are several stand-alone restaurants in Punta Cana (try Captain Cook for the best lobster in town), the majority are attached to hotels and resorts. Most resorts are all-inclusive, which means that not only are meals included in the price, but each place is likely to have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Find restaurants offering up everything from island-inspired dishes and five-star steakhouses, to fresh seafood and international cuisine.

Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is the major airport of the region, and a hub for American Airlines, as well as servicing other major carriers like Delta, US Airways, and Continental. If staying at a resort, transportation from the airport will be provided. Most visitors will have prearranged tour operators, which will provide transportation and local guides throughout the area. There are also options for taxis, local buses and rental cars, though most tourists do not venture far away from their resort or hotel.

The reason most vacation in Punta Cana is because of its beautiful tropical climate. The weather is almost always consistent, with an average annual temperature of 86° F (30° C) and constant sunshine. The humid season lasts from May to October, with temperatures capable of spiking to around 95° F (35° C). The late autumn and winter months (November to March) can have evening temperatures dip down to a mild 68° F (20° C). With little rainfall and perfect beach weather year-round, the perfect time to take a Punta Cana vacation is right now.