• BM
  • 53Km² (20Mi²)
  • 65,773
  • 194.34%
  • 1,241/Km² (3,215/Mi²)
  • 1%
  • 10%
  • 89%

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Bermuda is a self-governing British overseas territory located in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Caribbean.  The island offers a unique blend of colonial history and island heritage, which has given birth to colorful local legends and rich traditions. Bermuda is Britain's oldest colony, and the English influence is apparent in Bermuda’s government, educational and legal institutions. More subtle but no less significant are the island’s Afro-influences--found in Bermuda’s cuisine, dance and music, including calypso and the rhythm of the Gombeys.

Bermuda is divided into nine parishes, with nearly all offering some tourism attractions. St. George's Parish encompasses the area around the historic town of St. George. Hamilton Parish features Crystal Caves and the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo. Smith's Parish is home to the Spittle Pond Nature Preserve and the Devil's Hole Aquarium.

Pembroke Parish includes the capital city of Hamilton, while Paget Parish offers numerous resorts, plus Elbow Beach and the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Vacationers will find golf, horseback riding and the island's best cliffs in Warwick Parish. Bermuda’s best beaches and the historic Gibbs Hill Lighthouse are found in Southampton Parish, while Sandys Parish features the Royal Naval Dockyard fortress and shops, Gilbert Nature Reserve and several fine beaches.