• BS
  • 13940Km² (5,381Mi²)
  • 303,770
  • 25.41%
  • 22/Km² (56/Mi²)
  • 3%
  • 7%
  • 90%

The Islands Of The Bahamas


Quietly nestled on the New Providence Island in the Bahamas, Nassau charms its guests with the most spectacular sights.  This Bahamian beauty is a tantalizing treat for travelers looking for fun in the sun mixed with some culture.   From the cool ocean breeze beckoning you to go for a swim among the tropical fish, or touring the city’s iconic landmarks, Nassau is home to a wide variety of adventures.  Its friendly Nassuvians are excitingly waiting for your arrival, and they are willing to share the warmth that pours throughout Nassau’s landscape.  Get ready to embark on a magical journey by visiting an ideal destination to experience a little heaven on earth.

In the 1600s, Nassau was a magnet for many pirate attacks.  However, during the American Civil War the city was an important exporter of war supplies to the United States.  As the capital of The Islands of The Bahamas, the city is home to most of the island’s population; and it also preserves many of the Bahamas’ treasures.  Take a walk down memory lane and visit the Pirates of Nassau wax museum to capture a glimpse of the lives of pirates in the city.  Get up close to the city’s exotic wildlife of flamingoes and reptiles at the Ardastra Gardens.  An architectural masterpiece, Christ Church Cathedral is filled with many sacred artifacts.  Do not miss the chance to see the mystical caves or enjoy 360 degree views of Nassau atop the historic 126ft tall Water Tower.  If you desire aquatic thrills, the majestic beaches are never far behind.  Try your luck at fly-fishing or sail the ocean and watch the magnificent orange sunsets.

Nassau is a shopper’s paradise.  Local boutiques and markets are filled to the brim with authentic “made in Bahamas” souvenirs.  Take home a bit of the Bahamian culture with skillful handicrafts like straw hats and jewelry or enjoy duty free shopping at the stores labeled DFS (duty free logo).  Festival Place draws many shoppers with its colorful displays of genuine collectibles while offering a taste of some of the Bahamas’ treats.  Straw Market also reflects the heritage of Nassau’s early inhabitants with genuine crafts created by its locals.  By night the city transforms into a vibrant hotspot for party-goers ready to put on their dancing shoes’ or for tourists hopeful to become instant millionaires at the casinos.  For a calmer evening, spas are available to enjoy a quiet time of peace and relaxation.

The gastronomy of Nassau is a cultural adventure.   Be prepared to satisfy your pallet with traditional Bahamian delicacies dripping with flavor.  From stalls to gourmet dining, there is a delight for every taste bud.  Stop by Arawak Cray and indulge in the delicacies of a “Fish Fry” with traditional foods like conch salad and seafood.  Restaurants like Bahamian Cookin’ and Bahama Grill Café specialize in Caribbean cuisine; however, if you are craving something different, there is a plethora of multicultural restaurants available.

Nassau experiences a tropical savanna climate during the period of a year.  The temperature averages from a daily high in the low 90s to a low in the high 70s in the warm season (June to October).   In cold season (December to March) the weather fluctuates between the high 70s and low in the mid-60s.

There are a variety ways to tour Nassau.  From buses to car rentals there is something for every type of traveler.  From 6:30a.m. to 7:00pm Jitneys(buses) will take you to various locat...